Buenas Yan Håfa Adai

My name is Khris and I am the owner of VisitingGuam.com. I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Guam, from a loving and kind family who has supported me in all that I do. Growing up on the island never felt limiting. There was always something to do and that’s what most people who have never been to Guam don’t believe because of its limiting perimeter. Whether it’d be going to the beach on a beautiful sunny day or helping my family at the ranch, I always had a great time. 

About This Site

I created this platform as a canvas for art, metaphorically speaking but yes, a canvas. It is exciting that I have the opportunity to create a platform to share various photographers’ works as well as mine so that anyone can see the passion of what we enjoy doing. Most of the works that are submitted are from local artists that I scout in efforts to display different aspects of how they perceive the beauty of Guam. Trust me, Guam is small and perhaps what you think is limited but its potential is great and it lies in the people who put it on display.

More About Me

I am serving full time as crew chief in the United States Air Force while going to school part-time.  You know that saying “why do something you don’t enjoy,” or something like that, I take that to heart. I was inspired by a couple of friends who shared the dream of enjoying life, hassle-free and on our own terms. From this inspiration, VisitingGuam.com was created in efforts to display Guam’s beauty. I hope you enjoy this platform and please feel free to leave any questions or comments you may have in the comments section. We take pride in our work so please let us know if there is anything that may need to be fixed to better this platform. If you’d like to submit any works, please email VisitingGuam671@gmail.com.

Have Fun!


Owner, VisitingGuam


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